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Colonial Projects: The Trial of Anne Hutchinson

From December 8th through the 18th, 7th grade students researched, wrote and acted in video documentaries of the historical importance of the Trial of Anne Hutchinson, Puritan, in 1637.

Period 3-4 Documentary of The Trial of Anne Hutchinson:

Period 8-9 Documentary of the Trial of Anne Hutchinson:


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched the movie "Ann Hutchinson's Meetings" (per 8/9). This was a great movie and I learned a lot about Ann Hutchinson. I learned that she thought Indians should not be slaves. This was interesting because most of what I knew about her before watching the movie related to her religious believes. I also learned that she was born in England and had a great childhood. In her lifetime, she gave birth to 15 children some who dies at birth or when they were very young. The movie made me wonder how Ann Hutchinson had so much time to pursue her religious views to the public when she had so many children to take care of.


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Blogger Peggy Doyle said...

Maria, you asked two wonderful questions (the one you asked about the newspaper project was great!).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched " Ann Hutchinson's Meetings" I thought that the movie was really good! Everyone did a good job in acting and also tell you the information! Some of the things that I learned was like Maria said, Ann said that Indians shouldn't be slaves. I thought that was really interesting because when we learned a little bit about her. I never herd her say that. So that was interesting to me. Some of the other things that i saw in the movie was that some of the people(half) said really nice things about Ann. Like she's really good..i agree. Which we did learn about. But I remember one of the men saying that he didn't like the fact that his wife was going to church due to Ann.
My question is: Why didn't men like the idea of women going to church due to Ann?
doyle 3-4

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The imovie that i watched was from period 8-9. The reason i watched this imovie from this period is because i did not see it in class, so i did it now. I thought that overall everybody in this period did a very good thorough job on this project. i learned a lot about anne huchinson, and i must say that it was a very big help to me. What i learned from watching these video clips was that anne did not want to used indians as slaves and also that she had like 15 children.
my question is: why didn't they hang anne huchinson the first time the were going to?
I read the newspaper from period 8-9, the format of the newspaper was outstanding! i learned a lot so much about anne hutchinson. Most things that i did not even know!
my question is: Why did john cotton not like anne huchinson?
- Marina 8-9

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Things I learned by reading the purifier. One thing was that each slave was either Indian or African. Another thing was that Ann Putman was a girl who was accused, that was then set free. She was also the only girl who stayed in Salem village. Lastly, the puritans believed that if they did anything to displease God, he would send them into the underworld. How many drafts did the crew have to write before they got to the final product? The Purifier is a great newspaper, where can I get my subscription?
Things I learned by watching period 8-9’s documentary of the trial of Ann Hutchinson. One thing was, Ann Hutchinson would speak freely about her religion. Another thing was that she believed that the Puritans were too harsh on the Quakers, Lastly, was that she didn’t believe that they should use Indians as their slaves. I wonder, how many tries it took to make this video? Brilliant video!


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Blogger Phil said...

I looked at The Purifier (Period 3-4’s newspaper.) One thing that I learned was that around 500 A.D., practicing Christianity was reserved for those of higher social status. I also learned that Reverend Parris first met Tituba in Barbados and not in the U.S. A third thing that I learned was that a girl named Anne Putnam Jr. actually apologized for her actions after all was said and done.
One question that I have is: How many men were accused of practicing witchcraft during the Salem witch Trials?

I watched period 8-9’s video. One thing that I learned was that Anne Hutchinson actually had a relatively pleasant childhood. I also learned that John Winthrop was born in 1588. A third thing that I learned was that Anne Hutchinson’s trial was held in the October of 1637.
One question that I have is: How long did Anne Hutchinson’s trial take?

Ms. Doyle
Period 8-9

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