Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Thanksgiving Story: Unitentional Destruction

Listen to Sarah Vowell's story from This American Life:Turkeys in Pilgrim's Clothing (and share it with your parents if you really want to get the old TV jokes). Then comment!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Chief is Resurrected

The Chicago Tribune reports that Chief Illiniwek, the former University of Illinois mascot, has been resurrected by a group of students who have elected a new mascot to perform for students and the University community this year.

Please read the story and respond. Write your first name and class period in your post.

What do you think of this new manifestation of Native American mascots? Should the students be allowed to do this? Is the University responsible? Are they condoning the practice and how does this fit with the NCAA ruling that no teams that host tournament play are allowed to have Native American mascots?

Your post will count as extra credit!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

American Indian Web Quests

Each 7th grade humanities class now has a set of web pages answering specific questions about the American Indian culture they studied. You will need to read/explore at least one web page from each class (one from Mr. Nekrosius's class and one from Ms. Jacobs' class). Post a response to the webpages on my blog, including information about the following:

1. Write three things you discovered about the cultures explained in BOTH of the web pages.

2. Note at least one similarity or difference from the culture you studied for BOTH web pages.

3. Ask at least one question that you think should be answered about the TWO cultures you read about.

4. Make one comment about the design and layout of the TWO web pages you visited. Be sure your comments are constructive/helpful. Be polite but truthful.