Monday, January 05, 2009

Colonial Projects: Learn From Your Classmates

Now that you have completed your Colonial Project, you have a chance to see what your fellow classmates worked on for the last two weeks before winter break. Spend at least fifteen minutes, and read ONE of the newspapers created by students in Mr. Nekrosius's class. Then, below, view ONE of the documentary videos created by Ms. Doyle's class. After viewing one video and reading one newspaper, on Ms. Doyle's blog, post at least three things, in sentence format, that you learned from the newspaper and three things you learned from the video. In addition, write one question for each of the two projects you viewed. Your question may be about the creative process or about the actual content of the project.

Be sure to note which class period's projects you are writing about in your blog post

Include your first name only in your post. Your post is due on Thursday!

Look here for the Salem Newspapers and see the videos on Ms. Doyle's blog.